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November 24, 2010 08:50AM
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November 24, 2010 08:52AM
Notepad++ v5.8.5 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8.4) :

1. Fix Shell Extension icon absent issue.
2. Fix the crash problem if config.xml is not present.
3. Fix tab settings not saved under Windows 7 problem.
4. Fix localization switching under Windows 7 problem.
5. Fix x64 system files problems : not included in recent file history list while closing a file.
6. Fix x64 system files problems : not remembered in the next session problem.
7. Fix the search direction not being memorized problem.
8. Modify File Association dialog UI.
9. Fix the initial document encoding is not set by "New Document Settings".

Notepad++ v5.8.4 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8.3) :

1. Fix memory leak problem while switching tab.
2. Fix User Defined Language dialog docking problem under Windows 7.
3. Fix backwards search with Asian codepage problem.
4. Add a new capacity in context menu: the menu item and folder item can be renamed (and in whichever language).
5. All the supported encoding charsets can be set as default in "New Document Settings".
6. Remove Calltip restriction from plugins side.
7. Add "-alwaysOnTop" command line argument.
8. Fix icon display glitch in shell extension context menu.

Notepad++ v5.8.3 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8.2) :

1. A new application icon.
2. Add the capacity to open x64 system files.
3. Add Edit context menu command.
4. Add a new ability: sub-menus commands can be in the context menu.
5. Fix context menu reload problem (plugin commands reload fails).
6. Fix searching up fails while code page is set to Chinese/Japnese/Korean bug.
7. Remove unsupported encodings by Microsoft Windows : ISO-8859-10, ISO-8859-11, ISO-8859-16.
8. Fix move down current lines bug while moving down on the last line.
9. Fix crash issue : crash in the next launch after setting MS-DOS-Style as default language.
10. Fix zoom bug on the second view.
11. Fix a heap corruption of ColourPicker.
12. Due to UAC issue, doLocalConf.xml is ignored under vista and windows 7, if Notepad++ is installed in "Program files" directory.

Notepad++ v5.8.2 fixed bugs (from v5.8.1) :

1. Fix windows 7 crash bug while executing update.
2. Fix macro recording bug for the non-ASCII characters.
3. Fix C# syntax highlighting disabled problem after reloading.
4. Fix find performance issue related macro recording.
5. Modify SaveFile dialog behaviour: it browses inside the directory instead of creating the new file with the given directory name.

Notepad++ v5.8.1 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8) :

1. Fix Actionscript lexer crash problem.
2. Fix saving UCS-2 text file corrupted bug.
3. Add word count in Summary feature.
4. Fix macro record bug from ANSI document.
5. Fix hidding/showing status bar bug.

Notepad++ v5.8 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.7) :

1. Upgrade Scintilla to version 2.21.
2. Fix a vulnerability issue: Load ScinLexer.dll with its full path to avoid hijack.
3. Fix Unicode file corrupted on saving bug (the buffer alignment issue).
4. Fix DBCS encodings file saving corruption bug.
5. Fix file containing NULL character loading bug.
6. Fix php syntax highlighting bug.
7. Fix dragging undocked window performance issue while using Vista Aero UI style.
8. Fix dragging undocked window performance issue while using Vista/Windows7 Aero UI style.
9. Fix large file truncated after loading problem.
10. Improve file loading performance.
11. Fix Shortcut Mapper inconsistence issue after deleting a macro or an user command.
12. Add 2 line wrap methods (default plus aligned and indent).
13. Add 2 menu commands : "Modify Shortcut/Delete Macro" and "Modify Shortcut/Delete Command".
14. Add "Modify" and "Delete" buttons on Shortcut mapper dialog.
15. Add macro new ability to record search and replace actions.
16. Fix SaveSession bug.
17. Remove characters count feature from the status bar due to its performance issue with UTF8 file.
18. Fix crash issue due to themes switching.
19. Make folding margin hidable.
20. Add NPPM_GETCURRENTNATIVELANGENCODING, NPPM_ALLOCATECMDID and NPPM_ALLOCATEMARKER message (to get the current native language enconding).
21. Change editing settings saving behaviour : one set of settings are applied in 2 scintilla controls (except zoom).
22. Add Statistics feature which is accessible from the menu command "Summary..." (under menu "View"winking smiley and the 2nd zone of statusbar (double click).

Included plugins (Unicode):

1. TextFX v0.26
2. Spell Checker v1.3.3
3. NppFTP 0.23
4. NppExport v0.2.8
5. Compare Plugin
6. Plugin Manager

Included plugins (ANSI):

1. TextFX v0.25
2. NppExec v0.4.1
3. Spell Checker v1.3.3
4. MIME Tools v1.6
5. NppExport v0.2.8
6. Light Explorer v1.6
7. Compare Plugin 1.5.5
8. Plugin Manager
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